Why is my Conservatory so Hot in the Summer and Cold in Winter?

It's a common problem - your conservatory may be too hot to sit in during the Summer, or too cold for a cosy evening mid-Winter.

Why does this happen?

Conservatories need some protection from the harsh glare of the sun and a means to allow the temperature to cool down. In many conservatories, there are no curtains, and the reflective nature of the PVC, windows and floors can exacerbate the situation. Therefore, avoid reflective surfaces where possible, and provide shading where you can.

During Winter, the same factors cause a very different problem. Without curtains or soft furnishings to keep the heat in, it can be difficult to retain what heat may be present in the conservatory area.

The easiest answer to providing an effective and economic solution is to call Windor Repairs, who will be able to fit your conservatory with the appropriate materials to give you an all-year-round living space, no matter what the weather.

Windor Repairs offer Solek gold or silver inserts which can be retrospectively fitted to your existing polycarbonate conservatory roof panels which will significantly lower the temperature within your existing conservatory with the added benefits of removing harmful UV Rays which fade conservatory furniture and also save you the cost of expensive roof blinds.

Conservatory Guttering

We also offer a universal guttering system that can be adapted and fitted to most conservatories when original gutter system cannot be sourced.

If you want to know more about getting the best from your conservatory, then contact windor to find out more